Shelthang Hints To Drop New Music by The Late Soul Jah Love


One of the top producers in Zimdancehall, Shelthang Sunshine, shared his sentiments towards Soul Jah Love and hints to drop new music.

Shelthang Sunshine

Shelthang Sunshine was a close friend of the late star. They have worked together on a couple records and spent a lot of time together. The producer has been crushed by the sudden death, for they had upcoming records which were set for release.

The Sunshine Family producer was the one behind hits like Ndini Uya Uya, Zvinhu, Yeke Yeke, Chigayo and Hove Huru, to mention a few. Shelthang came to know about Soul Jah Love back in 2010 but started to work with him in 2011.

At a point, Soul Jah Love once wanted to be on Ninjazone Riddim produced by Layaan Souljah and Sunshine Family but couldn’t make it to feature on the official release. Soul Jah Love later on received the instrumental from Layaan Souljah and that’s when he created a relationship with the Vigilance family.

Despite the encounter, in 2011 Soul Jah Love finally managed to work with Sunshine Family and recorded numerous tracks with them.

On the 17th of February 2021 Shelthang was interviewed by Mox and asked to share his words. Shelthang expressed his feelings towards the death of Soul Jah Love and revealed the upcoming projects they were working on lately.

The giant producer revealed that they had recorded five tracks in one day. Soul Jah Love undeniably talent made Shelthang to rate him as one of the most skilled and versatile artists in Zimbabwe.

Shelthang has worked with the likes of Winky D, Freeman, Alick Macheso, Seh Calaz and Tocky Vibes. From all these names, he came out on record and rated Soul Jah Love as the most versatile of all.

Despite his extensive catalogue, Shelthang is little shy when it comes to social media. One of the five tracks Soul Jah Love recorded talked about his death. No one knew Soul Jah Love was indeed aware of his death. Shelthang is in progress of mixing and mastering the song that would be due either today or tomorrow.

Soul Jah went on with the moniker ‘Chigunduru’. The Sunshine Family producer took time to reveal the real meaning behind the name.

Soul Jah Love

Chigunduru to Soul Jah Love meant illness whilst to fans it meant something different. Soul Jah Love’s ability to come up with a lot of slang names was not only for fun but a way to communicate with his fans.

Soul Musaka popularly known as Soul Jah Love died on the 16th of February 2021. His death was reported around 2300hrs at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Waterfalls. Rest Easy!

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