Is A Mere Comparison To An International Artist Necessary???


Chitungwiza born and award winning rapper Soko Matemai asked the nation a crucial question. Recently, he was compared to American iconic rapper J. Cole. Soko Matemai felt belittled and felt to share the news and ask for second opinions.

Soko Matemai

Well, this is possible since we have adopted a foreign culture that exists already. It is possible that most people can be inspired and or might sound almost the same as those rappers in the United States of America. Therefore, these encounters are likely to happen.

On one point, to be seen as a replica of one iconic rapper can come in handy but at the same time might belittle your craft. It might move one to think as if they are not unique enough and failing to escape the box.

We took time to repost the status on our socials in search of more insight from our followers who might have missed it on his timeline. Luckily, two of them replied and shared their opinions.

The first one is Munashe Dominic Mabvoro, popularly known as Fudge. Fudge is a graphic designer and has made a couple great artworks for artists like Poptain, Mclyne Beats and to mention a few.

In as much, Fudge sees it as inevitable to miss such complements from fans. It will always be there no matter how much we try to avoid. He believes that, since there is adoption people will always like to go back to the roots and check who they relate with.
Below is his opinion.

Hip hop as a culture and a genre of music is something that we borrowed and got from somewhere else, to a point where even if I enjoy local hip hop, my playlist is still dominated by International artists.

This does not mean I like local artits less, no. It’s just that we grew up on American hip hop and I can’t just drop that because we have a budding hip hop scene here now.

That said, when I refere for instance to Soko Matemai as a Zim J Cole, I do not mean that he can not be a figure on his own, no. All I mean is, I knew and enjoyed Cole before Soko Matemai and Now I can see similar artistry in someone who is waay closer. It’s all love and respect.

The second is Leon Katiyo popularly known as Uncle Leo. Uncle Leo is a beat maker. For more of his production, please follow him on the link below,

Moreso, Uncle Leo believes that, the moment people compare you with someone it means you not unique enough and lacks originality. Then l gave him an example of Winky D as one of the artists who made it through the same tunnel by mimicking the incarcerated Vybz Kartel.

Winky D

Uncle Leo countered my point and argued that, there is a difference between copying and remaking. He believes that Winky D wasn’t copying Vybz Kartel but took ideas from Vybz Kartel and used them differently.

For instance, Vybz Kartel Don’t Kill Him visavi Winky D Musarova Bigman, the concept is the same but the execution is different. If he had copied each and everything from that song, Musarova Bigman could be a flop. Then went on to highlight Nasty C.

Uncle Leo believes Nasty C is too international therefore he won’t be successful like Cassper Nyovest, Burna Boy, Wizkid or Diamond Platnumz. He believes that they have big numbers more than Nasty Cs no matter if he got signed in the United States, he won’t match these guys.

The issue of identity crisis is the reason why Uncle Leo thinks why Zimdancehall isn’t going anywhere as compared to Afrobeats or Afro Dancehall. The beatmaker wishes for all producers to try by all means to fuse Sungura in their riddims for identity’s sake.

Recently, multi award winner producer DJ Tamuka discarded the issue of fusing riddims with local sound. He saw it as mediocre since he isn’t making music for local market. But that’s a story for another day.

DJ Tamuka

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