Zimdancehall Veteran Freeman Caught Up In Tribal Web


A simple body language can disrupt a good moment to dread.

During the night of 20 March 2021, Nash TV broadcasted show called The Flexi Celebration sponsored by Old Mutual Bank. It featured non other than Herman, Shamiso, Kae Chaps, Mzoe7, Holy Ten and the Zimdancehall veteran Freeman.

Everything started well as they showcased a star studded performance. The most exciting part is, the artists showed respect to each other by celebrating each other by clapping, standing up and at times, singing along.

However it quickly turned sour when Bulawayo star Mzoe7 was performing. Mzoe7 is a deep house and amapiano artist, a multi award winner and a pillar to his city. Signed to House Rebels and used to be part of Tyson Band as a backing vocalist. The band also featured Otis Ngwabi.


During his performances, the camera caught the Zimdancehall veteran, Freeman, sleeping or pretending to. This was noticed by a couple people in the comment section. They didn’t like the gesture at all and it triggered a lot of questions and tribal issues.


Some fans felt discriminated. This aroused the tribal issues including why the Shona people cannot sing or speak in Ndebele whilst Ndebele people compliment their language with confidence.

It triggers a lot of sensitive issues that draw back to Gukurahundi, which will limit us the chance to resolve these tribal issues.

On the contrary, when Freeman was performing, Mzoe7 did not behave in such absurd manner. Instead, he celebrated the veteran, clapped and sang along.

Concerned Fan

If our artists fail to celebrate each other then how are going to resolve tribalism? Of course, it might have not been of his liking but pretending to fall asleep and a show of bad body language whilst someone was performing showed much disrespect. It has to start with artists if we are to make things right for the next generation.

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