Holy Ten Responded To Stunner w/ Risky Life Extended Verse


The leader of the new school revives an almost forgotten squabble that happened earlier this year.

Early this year, music mogul Stunner fired his broadcasting team after they allegedly broadcasted Holy Ten footage on his page on Facebook. Many reacted to the move made but Stunner did not feel moved at all.

As it is his empire, he needs not answer to anyone. People thought maybe Stunner became envious towards the success of Holy Ten but what he did was noble and understandable. The team was not supposed to have broadcasted a footage without his knowledge.

Some have come to believe that, it could be a warning aimed to R. Peels after he called out white collar employees as office loosers. Holy Ten and R. Peels manager, Ray Vines have been on each others throats lately. However, despite it sounding like a warning to R. Peels, the finishing bar was definitely aimed to mogul Stunner.

Many opinions came through people suggesting that, it would have been an advantage to his brand instead and would earned Stunner more followers simply by showing love to the younging. However, this doesn’t seem to be a problem to Stunner since he is one of the top rappers with a large following in the country.

Holy Ten did not respond. The rapper happened to be in South Africa on tour and finalizing his album. On Thursday (1 April 2021), Holy Ten posted an extended version of Risky Life (freestyle) which had a few subliminals that are thought to have been aimed at Stunner.

He later posted the right line from the freestyle with no mention as to whom it is aimed to. Some started pointing at Winky D but this looked to be aiming at Stunner after the previous encounter. What is controversial is, was it extended already or it was made perfectly as a shot to someone.

However, Stunner took it to his socials and responded to the freestyle on a post. The mogul took as disrespect to take a shot at your OGs all because you have hype. Then went on to quote Mudiwa Hood book title, Shut Up and Make Money.

Stunner is hereby selling his merch, that is why he used the book title. Despite them being rivals, the mogul somehow adores some of Mudiwa’s work.

Holy Ten is looking forward to dropping his long awaited third studio album called Risky Life on the 16th of April and he has just dropped the second and last pre single called, Ma Chills. A fight for the girl child against abuse.

The two previous albums are Early Retirement which was released back in 2018 and Suicidal Notes which was released in 2019. If you haven’t listened to them, please follow links below to stream them.

Holy Ten Risky Life Album expected on the 16th of April. Be on the watch!

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