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All Designs Of U. S. Federal Reserve Notes Remain Legal Tender


Federal Reserve notes are redesigned primarily to make them easier to use but more difficult to counterfeit. This does not mean that older-design notes are not secure. In fact, security features in older-design Federal Reserve notes, such as watermarks and color-shifting ink, have proven to be so effective they have been retained and updated for use in newer-design notes.

Recently in Zimbabwe they have been problems faced by citizens using old U. S notes. The reason why some retail and wholesale outlets are refusing to accept these notes is not clear enough. The only reason you will hear is, ‘These are hard to use when ordering stuff in bulk from the wholesaler…’

Supermarkets like OK has joined the same attitude towards choosing the right notes for their services. Big supermarkets like OK are expected to accept these notes since they are different from KIOSK. Their money usually goes through the Reserve Bank and returns to the masses.

Not only the U. S notes, they even refuse torn Bond Notes too. Now they is no difference between a private and public seller for the consumer is now afraid to even approach either of them with dismantled note.

To elucidate, since the U. S. dollar doesn’t work everywhere, for instance, for Bus fares, citizens have resorted to getting Bond Notes from money changers to afford to pay for other expenses. Money changers also take a closer look to the notes before they accept the note. Which makes it difficult for one who has a torn or old note.

The funny part is, since the U. S. dollar isn’t official in the country, there will be a limited supply of the notes. Which means the same note is going to be used by a lot of people which gets it old or sometimes torn quickly. It is now different from 2009 – 2012 where the money was the official currency in circulation.

Therefore, the U. S. Embassy got hold of what is happening and thought of letting the government and the citizens know that, no matter how old the tender is, it is still of value. They have indicated that notes issued from 1914 t present will continue to have value until further notice. Anyone who will refuse it will be a federal offense.

Note that it is U.S. government policy that all designs of Federal Reserve notes remain legal tender, or legally valid for payments, regardless of when they were issued. This policy includes all denominations of Federal Reserve notes, from 1914 to present as per 31 U.S.C. § 5103.

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