Anita Jaxson Blast Influencers For Cashing On Savage


Singer and girlfriend to Poptain, Anita Jaxson finally comes to rescue. Poptain snapped days ago soon after his return from his England tour about how he has been treated by award organizers rich tycoons and cooperates. Poptain feels he has not received much recognition and his services are not paid for enough. In her statement, Anita Jaxson ended up including mental health and abuse of influence used by some big platforms.

Mental health has become a popular thing since people got addicted to social media. The social media now determines your life, steps and expectations. Most people have found comfort in social media and at the same time have been destroyed.

In one post of by Poptain where he revealed about his abuse experience when he was 5 years old. The first time Poptain managed to open up about his past was on his socials.

The replies that come from people are the ones people are using as solutions in their day to day lives. Opening up on social media means they looking for comfort and help. Anita Jaxson is disappointed in how people have normalized been mean in the name of violence troll.

To add on, Anita Jaxson went mayhem on influencers who have found troll as a way to grow their numbers in the name of violence. The way women are been treated and compared. Ndiwe hitmaker pleads with all the influencers to not abuse their power and help people instead of destroying them. Stop making everything funny and be serious because depression is real.

Lastly, Anita Jaxson sends thanks to everyone who has shown compassion and care towards Poptain’s issue. Promises to be with Poptain and help the singer finds himself again.

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