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Award-gate: Noble & Gze Snitching On Each Other by Kwanele Mswelanto


For a long time artist have been complaining about how panelists have been stealing Awards at Zim Hip-Hop Awards (ZHHA). Of course the claims have been thwarted and whist leblowers labelled bitter!

R Peels called the awards in his diss song Not Impressed , “fuck ma awards kana Mudiwa aine 20” yet he is whack. Yes it was some double standard gimmick from Him at play since he is quite when he gets an award but his rants are justified now that Gze and Noble have exposed each other that they steal awards.

Gze in his song Fatality outed Noble that he stole Asaph’s best hip hop song award. Noble then replied in Gze lecture by saying Gze stole Calvin’s award as well even though he was nominated 8 times which even if you are whack honestly you can’t miss one gong.

These claims have not been paid attention to since the release of Fatality as fans and other artists were heavily involved in memeing and trolling Noble for failing to deliver a solid diss against Gze who went in harder from Fatality to Dhafu and then Tsiga Gas.(well story for another day since Noble clapped back with a solid C10 diss).

It’s important to note that ZHHA are not credible anymore not that it’s news to some of you but the secret is all out. How can a culture then grow when recognition is not awarded on merit?

I’m looking forward to discussions along these lines. should everyone be like Chitungwiza who created their own CMELA awards or those dudes who run Changamire Hip-Hop awards and disregard the AWARD-GATE in ZHH?

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