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Behind The Lyrics Of Baba Bona By Jnr Brown


Late to the party, King James returns and reclaims his place in ZimHipHop. Most importantly, he really wants to get some facts straight that went over someone’s head recently.

Jnr Brown

After the Holy Ten and Enzo feud, most were asking if there is a king in ZimHipHop. Enzo Ishall showed up at Power FM and said that there was no superior in ZimHipHop, whilst Holy Ten crowned himself when he was asked by Ms Red on ZiFM.

Ma hater ariku hater King
Hanz nguva yarebesa vachi runner things
6 months vachipisa kunge ma zinger wings
This ah no likkle bwoy ting

Jnr Brown hasn’t been persistent when it comes to releasing music but whenever he drops, it’s mayhem. It may be hard to believe but most people were waiting to hear what the OGs think about the feud.

Thankfully, other OGs like Metaphysics came through and Noble Stylz made a commentary song called Comment Section with Blacperl summarizing what had happened.

Vange vakandimirira kunge month end
Ma hustler akamirira zi anthem

When Enzo Ishall dropped Hillary Makhaya and trended on the same day, he crowned himself King since he had managed to breakthrough to another genre. Then when Holy Ten replied with Violence, Enzo Ishall challenged Holy Ten to do a Zimdancehall record to prove if he can do what he had done to ZimHipHop.

Jnr Brown came through and reminded Enzo Ishall that what he had done wasn’t new since Jnr Brown had won the hearts of Zimdancehall already. King James is believed to have been very close to Soul Jah Love and his two tracks featuring Soul Jah Love and Silent Killer have dominated waves on radio charts for both genres.

Kana ma rasta they relate to the man dem
Apa ma rapper is the same old problem

Even though the feud took a huge turn up for both ZimHipHop and Zimdancehall, Jnr Brown isn’t impressed with their pen and doesn’t think they even supposed to claim ZimHipHop’s royalty.

Manga makuterereswa mini me
Ne word play yekupenga yemasilly Geez

Jnr Brown seems to have agreed with R. Peels. R. Peels released a diss record  towards Enzo Ishall and Holy Ten named Nyambo claiming no one deserves the crown between them. The Eke rapper mocked their lyrics and claims because he felt they did not hold much weight to be called ZimHipHop King. In other words, he wasn’t impressed.

Jnr Brown went on to exhort people to stop comparing or putting him in the same line with other artists. King James feels like he belongs somewhere else.

Musandifananidze neboiz dzemusambo
Vanga vasipo patara mabars aya inyambo

During their feud, Enzo Ishall and Holy Ten made a couple of Instagram live videos together discussing their feud. Jnr Brown sees them as funny and not serious since people in a real feud were not supposed to be acting that way. In other words, he saw it not serious.

Vavaripa Gram vachiposta all day
Tatinemaplans takaposta all day

Jnr Brown questions what they have done to deserve the throne itself. Holy Ten told Ms Red that he is the King since he is the man of the moment. Which was some how supported by Noble Stylz in their commentary with Blacperl called Comment Section .

Enzo Ishall on the other side claimed the throne basing on numbers and how influential he became to the ZimHipHop genre. By dropping a record and trending at the same time within 24hrs as he said on Power FM to Chamvary.

Somehow, this part seems to have replied Ti Gonzi after he denied recognizing Jnr Brown as one of the ZimHipHop pioneers. Since he claimed that he hasn’t done much bigger than Kure.

Saka inini moda kunditaurira kuti chii?
Chamakaita kupi?
Garai murizii!

To address his presence Jnr Brown goes on to reference himself as the late long reigning President of Zimbabwe Robert Gabriel Mugabe who is Baba Bona and Gucci is a name used to refer to his widow and former first lady, Grace Mugabe. Baba Bona ruled Zimbabwe for more than 35 years and is believed to be the longest reigning president of all time.

During his reign Baba Bona cruised in his bullet proof Mercedes Benz with number plates printed Zim 1. Which means interms of ZimHipHop there is only one rapper who deserves to be the first odd one out. Which is himself Jnr Brown.

Big body Benz kunge Baba Bona
Gucci mama pa side kunge Baba Bona

When Baba Bona retired everyone was curious how the lad would be living. Well, pictures surfaced with him dressed in an Adidas tracksuit. A lot were shocked because the nation was used to seeing him rocking formal all the time.

Adidas miri wese kunge Baba Bona

During the last days of Baba Bona, he allegedly fell from the stairs on his return from African Union ceremony where he was appointed as the new chairman in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Baba Bona’s bodyguards ran to the rescue to pick him up very quick. This is the same way Jnr Brown fans fight for him no matter what costs.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe

When Ti Gonzi fired shots at Jnr Brown and mocked him for not getting bookings for shows a lot were not happy about it. Posters from previous shows during his prime started to surface with Ti Gonzi as the curtain raiser.

If you haven’t checked out Baba Bona By Jnr Brown please click here.

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