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Behind The Lyrics Of Patati Patata by Roki, Rayvanny & Koffi


The most awaited collaboration of the year Patati Patata debuted on the 4th of August. The record was composed by Urban Grooves legend Roki featuring the reigning young king Rayvanny and rhumba legend Koffi Olomide. It was produced by Laiza and Oskid for Passion Java Records. Visuals shot and chopped by Director Kenny and Sweezy. Below is an insight behind the lyrics.


Koffi Olomide and Roki started off the introduction giving each other credit and respects. Roki started off by revealing where Koffi Olomide came from, which is France. Koffi Olomide moved to France soon after been arrested countless times in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

On the arrival of Koffi Olomide we see Roki paying his respects to the rhumba legend. The sound was not audible enough but you could see the way he was communicating with his mates introducing Roki. Hence, ‘Double King’ effect.

“Vakafamba ma Kilometer Baba,
Vachibva kuFrance vakasvikonondipa chidhindo Ka1!!!”

Patati Patata is a party song which expects everyone to be on the dance floor enjoying themselves. This is depicted by the way a crab move or walk from one place to another. A crab move with one side.

Also, Roki adds more when depicts this more by mentioning a freezit. When you drinking one, usually you tear up a hole on one corner so that you can suck out the juice.

“Mwana wese side to side kunge gakadye,
Kuita se Freezit, zvepa side kunge gakadye..”

Roki went on to pay his dues to socialite Prophet Passion Java who happens to be his boss and the owner of Passion Java Records.

In a lot of interviews Roki has shared his encounter with Prophet Passion Java. Back when they were in South Africa in 2016, he was almost mugged whilst he had gone to get lunch for himself. That reflected something special and made him realize what Prophet Passion Java had planned for him was worthwhile despite the life he was living.

That’s the same time where Prophet Passion Java promised Roki another shot to music. Also, made a promise to build him his own label and do as he pleases with no limits.

On the other hand Prophet Passion Java shares how they got to involve Roki in their plans. When he sat down with his team, that is, Boss Lashan and Bishop Joshua. They all agreed that Roki was the right person for their ambition to take over Africa.

In today’s pentecostal churches whenever you receive a miracle, prophecy, a prophet is preaching or help the only way you reply to a prophet is, ‘I Receive…’ Roki makes the same giving thanks to Prophet Passion along with his wife Prophetess Lilly Java.

CHISIPITI is like a spring water that never runs dry easily. Roki cannot find words to explain how greatful he is towards the love he was shown Prophet Passion Java. Since they joined forces it has been blessings after blessings, wins after wins.

“Buss one fi me family (Vehukama)
Na Papa been good to me (Vehukama)
Hazvipere Chisipiti
Heyi, make we receive it..”

Roki could have sampled one of the iconic records in Zimbabwe by Leonard Dembo called ‘Sarura Wako’. There is presence of vocal interpolation that are somehow similar to Sarura Wako in two circumstances on the chorus.

“Mwana Iyeye aitamba,
Aitamba zvezera rangu.
Neniwo Ndichitamba,
Ndichitambawo zvaaidawo…” Roki

“Sarura wako anotamba zvaunoda
Ndakasarudza wangu anotamba zvandinodawo…” Leonard Dembo

“Mwana iyeye aitamba zvandaidawo,
Neniwo ndaitamba,
Ndichitambawo zvezera rangu…” Roki

“Ambuya vanotamba nevezera ravo,
Iwe tamba tione chisikana chezera rangu…” Leonard Dembo

The mood gets gassed up soon before Roki let Rayvanny take over. Hokoso is a prominent slang word that was made popular by the late Soul Jah Love. Hokoso somehow means concentration in this record.

In one interview, Roki expressed revealed his relationship with Soul Jah Love. They were very close and shared a special mutual talent of freestyling.

“Sosero x3
Chimbobokola hokoso,
Dzakawanda kuti mokoto…”

Rayvanny comes in with a sweetened bridge adoring a girlfriend. The young king went in hard as he recited some Shona lyrics.


Incase you not Zimbabwean, Chiso means Face, Chivakasure means butt or girls behind.

“Chiso chake chakanaka,
Maziso ake anopenya.
chivakashure chakakura,
Ukamubata unokuvara…”

As Rayvanny goes in, Koffi Olomide complemented his vocals with some shout outs that has faced a lot of backlash. The rhumba legend mentions the current President of Zimbabwe, His Honorable Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, known as ED.

Koffi Olomide

Lately, the socialite Prophet Passion Java has posted pictures of himself and the President at State House having breakfast and casual meet ups. Therefore, the people of Zimbabwe have concluded that Passion Java could be campaigning for ED for the forthcoming 2023 Presidential Elections.

Regarding with the state Zimbabwe is in, a lot are not very happy about that. However, this could have been used to fuel more attention to the song and this might have proven so for it has acquired 3 million views within 5 days.

“ED Munangagwa, Number 1…”

The vibe changes from a Bongo Flavor beat to an authentic rhumba beat the moment Koffi Olomide’s part kicks in. That’s where the title of the song is mostly applauded, “Patati Patata”.

Patati Patata means and so on or Yada Yada. That’s why you have Koffi Olomide talking most of the time. Especially when he says ‘Le Quadra!’ , it’s a French phrase Tha means forty something. Also, listing countries haphazardly and their capital cities. 

“South Africa, Kinshasa, Kampala, Abidjan, Lagos, Dar es Salaam, Zimbabwe woyeee…”

Koffi Olomide keeps on repeating the words ‘Double King’ referring to himself and Roki. The Congolese rhumba legend is a King when it comes to rhumba, ndombolo music and one of the wealthiest African artists. Where as Roki is a legend when it comes to Urban Grooves music.

Added Notes:

This was a work in progress project. Roki mentioned this back in 2020 when he was interviewed on Star FM with Ms. Candy. Also, on his interview on Nash TV about his song Miracles. Then on ZTN with Daisy when Prophet Passion Java was asked about how he handles negative energy towards his work. Roki gives hints about Patati Patata when he talks about crabs in the bottle.

However, Incase you did not know,

Koffi Olomidé, is a Congolese Soukus singer, dancer, producer, and composer. He has had several gold records in his career. He is the founder of the Quartier Latin International orchestra with many notable artists, including Fally Ipupa and Ferré Gola.

Rayvanny, is a Tanzanian musician, songwriter and recording artist signed under WCB Wasafi record label. He is the founder and CEO of Next Level Music. Rayvanny is best known by his song “Kwetu”, which introduced him to the world.

Roki or Rocqui, is a Zimbabwean contemporary musician, who has also tapped into acting. The singer made his debut in 2001 after releasing hits such as “Seiko” which featured Leonard Mapfumo and Suzanna.

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