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Behind Van Choga Remix by VI The Law


Van Choga is a single by VI The Law featuring Russoyea. It was released on the 8th of September 2020 by VI The Law. Whilst the remix featuring Chief Chino, Kuda K, Soko Matemai, Myneim and REAP3R dropped on the 10th of September 2021. The record itself draws much inspiration from the artist himself (Van Choga), his rise and antics.

Van Choga is a Zimdancehall chanter who made his breakthrough last year during the pandemic lockdown. Mudzviti’s crazy antics captured the eye of the public and leveraged it to build his brand.

VI The Law producer and artist felt inspired by his come up for some of the challenges he faced do relate to some he has faced. Especially when he wanted to venture into music. A lot of concerned friends and family had their mixed opinions as in if it’s the right way or not. Therefore, he channeled the whole energy on to a track he released late last year with Russoyea.

Vi The Law

The beat alone represents a sonic representation of Van Choga. Crazy 808s, hats, melodies and somehow an influence of drill in it. Back in 2016 – 2017 his first pose cut was half baked but now since he can all do the work by himself, VI made sure it was perfect.

It took VI The Law a year later to come back to the record and organize for a remix. VI tried to reach a quite number of rappers to feature since he wanted to make it an all star remix but a few accepted and made it to the cut. The main idea behind was to come up with a spot on line up that can deliver a whole different vibe.

It took a while to make this a success. VI did not have much confidence if it was going to be a success. The delay was because of the timing. VI needed the right time since Kuda K and REAP3R were in album mode, Myneim with the freestyles and Soko Matemai releasing a bandwidth of singles promoting his next album.

The roll out was effective since most of the people managed to share and spread awareness. The line up did hit a note to a lot and made them become anxious of what is coming through. With a line up like that one may expect a lot.

Chief Chino

UK based Chief Chino and Kuda K featured on the remix. Chief Chino is more of a drill rapper with an influenced UK drill accent and vibe. According to Chino, the Chief wanted to come through with the gang but VI only needed him alone. Which did not sit well with him but still felt he owe VI a verse.

“VI is a music genius with nothing but passion for anything music. He is an artist, an innovator, passionate and basicly a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to music industry in Zimbambwe. So short answer it was a priceless experience and more than just a collabo…” Chief Chino

Kuda K

Whilst Kuda K posesses melodic raps. VI is a big fan of Kuda K that is why he saw it worthy to include them. Kuda K himself liked the record from start when it dropped last year and booked his place for a remix.

“When he dropped Van Choga like last year I had to say to him like, ‘Fam! If you ever do a remix for this thing l want to be on it…’ So when the time for the remix came he sent me the beat and everything and l had to do my thing. VI is a really cool guy. It was really awesome working with the guy. Hopefully in the near future you will probably see more stuff between me and him, probably him on some of my tracks. Definitely me on more of his. There is so much respect for VI. The work he is putting out there is really one of the dopest we have in Zimbabwe…” Kuda K

Soko Matemai

Whereas with Soko Matemai they share a special relationship and this is not the first time they have worked together. They once worked together when he was still using Sharky. Soko was not aware of who was going to be part of the chain. However, from the feedback Soko do appreciate VI’s selection on the remix. Soko’s verse has become the most outstanding applauded by the fans.

“At the time I didnt know who else was on the record, but eventually i think we made something special. The feedback from people who have heard it so far seems to reflect that. You have a cocktail of different MCs giving their voice to one song and it sounds so in tune and unified you know, Even though every one on there has got their own style, their own delivery,its so diverse…” Soko Matemai.


Then with Myneim, VI was impressed with some of the freestyles he shared on his Facebook account. Myneim is a lyrical rapper who puts much emphasis on the pen over the vibe. Unfortunately, Myneim was no given much time he needed to express himself since the default design required only 8 bars.

Therefore, even though the single sounds like a trap joint that holds not much meaning, VI opted for Myneim to add flesh to the sonic vibe. This is not the first time they have worked, Myneim once participated on VI’s Body Challenge and promises more work to come.

“…had a very long verse and he later messaged that it was 8 bars. So I made a new one altogether and sent it back. I look to work with VI how I hace worked with Rayo…” Myneim


Last but not least, REAP3R, they do share a special relationship too. They have been working together for a long time and VI happens to be the one who engineered most of the the songs on his album The Boom Baptist. Therefore, VI relates to his creative process which granted more confidence that he might deliver.

“Due to VI The Law working on most of my music, it has always been a great experience for every studio session is different from the previous. For the VAN CHOGA Remix, I enjoyed the pressure of having to work with 8 bars and getting the content I needed to have on the track, it’s easy writing 8 bars but to string them in a way that shares a message needed some agility from my side…” REAP3R

Kriss Newtone

Kriss Newtone came into the conversation for he was supposed to be part of the line up but they had different arrangements. VI was not audible enough to reveal why he did not lace a verse on the remix but promised something different they working on. However, we had the previledge to reach out to Kriss Newtone,

“Around that time had moved to Zvishavane I think, just settled in. Had way too much pressure with school and new work, penned half my verse but really couldn’t finish up the thing. Had nowhere to record too. Guess it just wasnt a very good time for me to be creative….” Kriss Newtone

Interms of Van Choga personally l needed him to be part of this remix desperately like what Joyner Lucas did with Will Smith on ‘Like Will’. It would have made a great entrance to reintroduce the song and for it to hold more water. Somehow blamed him but finally he revealed why. VI tried by all means to reach out to his management but there was no reply.

Anyway, have you streamed VI The Law – Van Choga (Remix) (feat. Chief Chino, Kuda K, Soko Matemai & REAP3R)? If not, stream it on YouTube link above or click here to download.

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