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Best Of Both Worlds Show Slammed


One of the upcoming show organizers in the country, Kayse Connect faces another slam from the authorities as they avoid The Best Of Both Worlds Show from happening.

It hasn’t been an easy road for Kayse Connect for most of their major shows have been slammed away. At first it was the Burna Boy Show that was scheduled to happen on the 17th of April 2020 at Helenics Sports Club. Right about the same time, Covid 19 came up and stopped all events and migrations which ended up locking up Burna Boy outside Zimbabwe.

African Giant Burna Boy Live In Zimbabwe

Late March 2020 the world succumbed to Corona Virus, popularly known as Covid 19. The virus wasn’t a one time incident but a continous flow like river water. All countries ended up closing up Boarders, applying lockdown restrictions so as to contain the virus from spreading. Which in turn became a disadvantage to Kayse Connect for they were just about to host Grammy Award Winner Burna Boy in Zimbabwe. Kayse Connect ended up rescheduling the show to a latter date which hasn’t been announced yet since the virus is still dominant.

To elucidate, Kayse Connect organized another epic show fit for the festive season. An iconic and the first in the country. The show is called Best of Both Worlds which featured the pioneer of Zimdancehall, the bigman Winky D and multi award winning artist Jah Prayzah. This was going to make history and still can since another date is yet to be announced.

The Best Of Both Worlds Show featuring Jah Prayzah (Left) & Winky D (Right)

Jah Prayzah and Winky D haven’t shared the stage yet and this one was going to be legendary. The two artists have been rivals in the eyes of the fans for they are the only ones who happen to be on the spotlight and everything they do does matter and becomes a subject.

Recently, Jah Prayzah released Porovhoka along with visuals and broke the 24hr benchmark with 178K views on YouTube. The Bigman then released Ragga Musambo (Trilogy) the same week and managed to surpass Porovhoka with 180K+ views in 24hrs. In the eyes of the fans they saw a moment of competition but, however, these releases could have been a strategy to market the upcoming Best Of Both Worlds Show by Kayse Connect. The same week had a lot of traffic on the media people clashing and defending their own.

Best Of Both Worlds was not only going to be a show just to watch and go to sleep but, was going to be a moment to witness the greatness and come to weigh as to who is bigger than the other.

This was going to be a Clash in disguise and obviously, both parties were ready to showcase their A Game during the night. This idea could have scared the authorities and thought of avoiding a stamped at the venue.

The traffic could have raised red flags to the authorities and thought of avoiding the show from happening. Yesterday the 18th of December 2020, the police was identified on site storming at the venue in a bid to stop the build up. The Events Evolution crew was asked to stop pitching up the stage and Kayse is believed to have been taken in by the police at the same time.

Stage At HICC

The Honorable President did issue the lockdown regulations when it comes to hosting entertainment shows. Kayse Connect could have been aware of this and practiced accordingly. Unfortunately, they chose to not let it happen by fire by force.

Last week Gospel singer Janet Manyowa launched her EP called Sounds of Joy with the same idea for Pay Per View and space for VIP but wasn’t stopped. What could have Kayse Connect done or missed when organizing their show???

Later on in the evening, Kayse Connect posted a press statement issuing their regrets towards the problem. The new dates will be announced very soon.

Best Of Both Worlds Show Press Statement

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