A medical staff member adjusts her protective facemask at a medical centre, in Paris, testing patient potentially contaminated by the COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, on April 1, 2020, during a strict lockdown in France aimed at curbing the spread of the COVID-19 infection, caused by the novel coronavirus. (Photo by Bertrand GUAY / AFP)
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Covid 19 Vaccine Roll Out Plans And Challenges


It has been a norm in Zimbabwe that every child receives a BCG vaccine that will help them fight against Tuberculosis (TB). It was introduced after TB killed 1,5+ million people around the world.

This started way back in 1980 and has been pushed by the government to be a trait towards protecting infants against harmful diseases. Infants receive this vaccine free of charge.

A Child Receiving A BCG Vaccine

Some countries around the world had stopped using this type of vaccine since it wasn’t effective against the TB lung infection. However, African countries like Zimbabwe have continued embracing the vaccine to each and every infant.

Despite other vaccines like HPV, TD, Vitamin A, Rotavirus, Measles Ribella and to mention a few, BCG has been regarded to as one of the strongest one and effective that could slow vulnerable infections of Covid 19.

Researchers noted that, this vaccine could be the reason why there is less numbers in Africa for they have continued embracing the vaccination tradition. BCG is believed to boost one’s immune system and making it stronger.

According to Health Officers, the roll out of the use of the vaccine on each and every infant gives the organization much anticipated faith that it will be easy to roll out the Covid 19 vaccine. The Director of Harare Health Services Dr. Kudzai Masunda is confident enough to partake in the roll out since results seemed fruitful.

To elucidate, according to Continents Centers for Disease and Control, Africa is aiming to have 60% of vaccinated population within the next 2 to 3 years. Zimbabwe is part of a vaccine sharing program called Comvax.

World Health Organization Department Of Medical Science

More than 100 countries have signed up to it, but Health officials believe that the roll out might not start until mid 2021 because of costs and logical challenges.

The scheme that World Heath Organization (WHO) helped to build up aims to roll out at least 2 Billion vaccines around the world by the end of 2021 but, they are facing monetary problems and conditions to keep the vaccine cold and effective.

Electricity supplies in some parts of the Africa especially Zimbabwe, have struggled to supply enough electricity to all households. Zimbabwe itself has experienced an 18 hours load shedding schedule which was improved soon after the Covid hit.

In some instances, hospitals and clinics tend to have no electricity supply the same with the residents which means they are plugged in the same line of distribution with residential areas. Which we will make it hard for them to sustain the life and effectiveness of the vaccine before use.

Portifa Mwendera of the Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe requests for an alternative supply of energy in order to make this a possible solution and process in Zimbabwe. If there is no alternative supply then it will be hard to take care of the vaccine to sustain its effectiveness. Especially in remote areas.

However, the United Kingdom has offered aid to vaccinate at least 20% of Zimbabwe’s population soon their Comvax vaccine is due. The UK Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Melanie Robinson anoounced this soon after a sit down with the Vice President and Minister of Health and Child Care Dr. Constantino Chiwenga at Kaguvi offices in Harare on the 23rd of December 2020.

UK Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Melanie Robinson (Left) And Vice President And Minister of Health And Child Care Dr. Constantino Chiwenga

The Vice President and Minister of Health and Child Care later remarked that, frontline workers and vulnerable one’s will be the first to be attended including the elderly.

The roll out could be easily done but that wil not be a walk in the park all because of the information flooding the internet.

What scares people is the information in rotation. Since the roll out in some parts of Europe and America, a lot of influential bloggers, reporters and celebrities have took it to social media making posts or videos exhorting people to stop taking the vaccine.

Some of the reasons are related to Word War 3 biological warfare and some are religious related. Such flood of information might confuse people and scare them away.

More informational to follow…

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