Gemma Griffiths Discovering Pamwe – EP In 500 Different Places Around The World


‘Pamwe’ is the official name of Gemma Griffiths’ second EP (Extended Play) project after ‘My City’. The spotlight picked Gemma when she was only doing covers of original songs done by other artists.

The cover that propelled her into the music scene was ‘Musarove Bigman’, one of Winky D’s biggest commercial hit song.

Gemma’s cover of this song earned her the full attention of Winky D. The Gaffa saw an opportunity and a chance to fulfill the wishes of his ‘biggest’ fan and worked with Gemma on the ‘Mugarden’ hit record. This successful collaboration earned Gemma the love and attention of the Zimbabwean fan base which she continues to satisfy with her majestic voice and talent.

Gemma revealed her totem on FACEBOOK, she is a proud ‘Chihera’. The totem is quite popular because of the belief that women who bear that totem are aggressive.

However, we are yet to see the agresssive side of this songstress. Her totem is a strong link between her music and the Zimbabwean audience that consume her content. As such, she released a number of singles which include ‘Mambokadzi’, ‘Ndinewe’ and to mention a few.

Fast forward to late 2020, Gemma dropped an exclusive EP called ‘Pamwe’. The title of the EP is a Shona word which simply means ‘maybe’. The EP has about 5 songs which has the song ‘263’ that featured Nutty O ‘the MVP’ and Asaph. The single that introduced the E.P is titled ‘Ndinewe’, that is when she started to share her experiences while making the E.P

Pamwe – meaning maybe – is the presence of possibility. It is how I wrote it – living in a Landrover, on beaches, and cities and deserts and jungle. Just being and letting the places teach me. Said Gemma Griffiths.

The singer noted that she lived in a car for 500 days whilst traveling around the world. Some of the places where shown in her music video for Ndinewe.

To Gemma Griffiths, places are mean more than just coordinates on a map. Places hold different sentiments to people. They are sources of inspiration and help Gemma to focus on what is important to people and life.

People often ask me… “what inspires you when you write”? For me, it is a place. Because a place is not just a map coordinate… it is alive – it has personality, and history, and sentiment. For one man it is a birthplace, for another nostalgia.

For some it is home, and some it is possibility. It is living and breathing, and if you listen, it will teach you. I have written down so many of my stories – each day on the road is completely new.

Also in each and every place you observe new things from what you used to. Traveling enhance a more complex way of creating a diverse content. 

In a new place, it’s almost as if your senses go into overdrive. You observe so much detail, and simultaneously construct an overall picture to store in your mind. Through smell and sight and feel – a personality of a place will weave together to become your experience. Gemma Griffiths Remarks.

Usually when people like Gemma Griffiths are inspired by the surroundings and the environment, they usually come up with simple poet to tell their stories. The singer noted that, she started as a poet and her hanging around instrumentals helped her transition to becoming a singer.


The instrumentals in her songs are more live than digital which makes them more emotional and relatable. Her producer (Charlie Kay) has managed to nail her taste and has delivered more than a sound to her music. The remix for Ndinewe or Iwewe in her EP can make one feel as if they are experiencing the sound so lively and alive.

To sum it all up, Gemma Griffiths took a moment to give credits to everyone who made her journey so merry in 2020.

I started playing music when I was about 6 years old. I loved it. Through the years I settled on instruments that felt right – it’s like they chose me… piano, trumpet, guitar – these were the three I gravitated towards, and I woke up wanting to play. I wrote poetry when I was young, and I still do.

The poetry began to gain melodies and turn into songs… I still write those too. Sometimes when I look at the journey, and how I was working at doing what I really wanted to do all this time, I feel like the luckiest girl around.

I knew back then what I still know now – music is abounding in life, in excitement and in meaning. When people ask me what inspires me to write… I can only say “music itself”. Said Gemma Griffiths.


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