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It’s Ten Toes For VI The Law w/ New Single, Fountain


What You Need To Know About ‘Fountain’

“All these debates about better verses. I am all concerned about these Metaverses…”

Keeping up the pace is a producer cum rapper, VI The Law (real name Michael M. Musekiwa), is about to drop yet another single called The ‘Fountain’. Nothing mean very much to VI The Law other than consistency. Producer cum rapper has tried by all means to keep ten toes in the industry.

‘Fountain’ Official Artwork

‘Fountain’ is a follow up single after the release of ‘Pedestal (freestyle)‘ and ‘Batman‘. VI The Law wants to keep himself in front of everything when it comes to music. Standing tall towards challenges and facing as much challenges preparing himself for the biggest goal.

“…one of my favorite statement is onwards and upwards. Persisting through challenges towards goals… I’ve had to persist through so much in my life and I am staying consistent. Constantly evolving and innovating…’ said VI The Law.

VI The Law posted a snippet of the sample used on the song that happens to be at the start of the song. On this snippet, there is a fella who will be talking about how impressive are Underground nominees visavi the mainstream nominees. With ‘Fountain’, VI The Law sees himself as the underground guy bursting through the ground coming for the head. The sample was made by his friend and fan.

“The sample at the beginning of the song was by a friend and fan who was asking questions about the whole being nominated for Best Underground, and how most people who are bear underground are actually doper than mainstream guys…”

The Pedestal rapper was nominated for the Best Underground last year at the 10th ceremony of Pogues ZimHipHop Awards along with the victor Malcom Mufunde, Stiiv, H Files, REAP3R and K Tox.

Persistance is what VI The Law is after and it is where the whole idea came from. Despite the challenges one face in the industry to make it to the mainstream, VI is not going to be one of the guys who quit and change course. But instead, keep it ten toes to the end.

“Water is one of the most powerful elements in the world. When I was writing to the Beat I just visualised the way way water springs forth from a fountain. Sometimes you go through dry spells and life is hard. Lots of ups and downs but that same dry land can turn into the place your blessing can spring forth from. It’s all about mentality, self awareness, faith and persistance…”

VI The Law aim is for the ‘Fountain’ to become an anthem for those who work commit and work hard on their craft. Trusting the process. Earlier this year VI The Law released ‘Pedestal (freestyle)’ criticing earGROUND for offering up and comnng rapper Erijah in promotion of his debut single, ‘Zviriko’. The Pedestal rapper believed that it was too early to glorify Erijah and leave out those working very hard. It certainly sounded bitter but VI The Law was trying to remind and ask earGROUND to take their time and weigh their options carefully.

“The aim is for Fountain to be an anthem for the hard workers. People who have been grinding for the longest time and are actually achieving their goals one step at a time. It is a celebration of effort…”

Fountain‘ is expected to hit the stores and streaming platforms on the 30th of May 2022, click here to presave. The single was produced by Tris I Hear You and engineered by the man himself, VI The Law, for NRVNA Studio.

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