Holy Ten Confesses, ‘Horror’ Is Not It At Sunday Service Ep 01


Best served weekend with Samanyanga Sounds forward Holy Ten dropping two records back to back last weekend. On Friday Holy Ten dropped an exclusive single called Horror. Horror was released on the 23rd of July by Samanyanga Sounds. Produced by Jax The Beat Bully.

Before the drop of Horror, the multi award winning rapper posted on his Instagram story alerting new heat on the way after taking some time of feuds.

The Instagram story was an ultimatum aimed at Shadaya, Prophet Passion Java and Branson. In the story Holy Ten highlighted that he had took time off (133 days) feuds but the recent events have dragged him back into the pandora box. After the drop of Horror, Holy Ten admitted that he had missed in new song Real Talk.

Real Talk is the debut single introducing the new new Sunday Service. Sunday Service is set to be a weekly release of singles each and every Sunday as what he has done with Live Sessions. Real Talk has received great feedback from the community. One of the outstanding lines is where he admits Horror was a flop.

“Real Loss, don’t know what happened. This new song really feels off. So you know that one was not received…” Holy Ten.

Horror had its purpose but Holy Ten feels like it did not deliver the message well. Despite the mixed response for Horror, Holy Ten has chosen to move it to trash.

In the midst of Real Talk, Holy Ten had to address Shadaya Knight to not come at him through tweets but, make it personal. The two have not been in the same lane since the pictures of Holy Ten’s girlfriend (Kimberly Richards) surfaced on socials with a card labeled with a hotel room number with another man. Knight posted on his socials and referenced similar man in the Bible that were destroyed by women and mentioned Holy Ten.

After Holy Ten announced about a diss song Shadaya came out and told Holy Ten that he had no feud with him. Instead, Shadaya is a fan of Holy Ten’s music. However, sent an ultimatum that if Holy Ten persists, then it’s going to be physical.

Real Talk was released on the 24th of July 2022 by Samanyanga Sounds. Now streaming on YouTube exclusively. Coming to all digital platforms real soon.

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