Jah Signal Addresses The Elephant In The Room, Stunner


Swaah forward Jah Signal Addressed Stunner on how they handle their business since he claimed that Jah Signal offers free services whilst other waiting for payment. Therefore, his management has issued a press statement addressing the elephant in the room, Stunner, with utmost respect.

Press Statement

We would like to address comments which were qouted and circulated over social media over the weekend by one artist we hold to high regard. We respect him as an industry player and a pioneer whose music popularised the Zimbabwean urban music genres across all demographics of Zimbabwe and the diaspora.

With all due respect, we would like to refute all claims that Jah Signal offered his artistic services for free to an unknown promoter. Whoever informed my fellow brother of this philanthropy exercise I am accused to have offered should be ashamed of themselves. We pride ourselves as high end music and entertainment brand and we feel that such rumours are circulated whispered by parties who want to see the value and the networth and the asking price of the brand dwindle and fall.

We are a very professional outfit and we do not offer any FREE performances on the plate that easily unless they are for charitable causes close to our heart. We would like you to refer back to the single titled “Hamukirwe” which featured the late Soul Jah Love. Decypher the lyrics” Mukwasha Hamukwire Musina Kubhadhara kubhadara,Chibaba Hachimbouya Musina Kubhadhara” and thats is the mantra we operate with as a business.

We would like to urge all in the media and arts space to do their due diligence, reach out to us before they run with a lie like a horse whose tail is on fire.

Swaah Family PR

The good thing from this statement is Jah Signal has chose to stay humble. The ‘Mubako’ hitmaker did not attack back but explained in a way everyone can understand with no feelings attached. Guess we can all see the power and importance of having a PR team.

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