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Killer T Not Acknowledging The Soul Jah Love Tribute By NAMA


Killer T (real name Kelvin Kusikwenyu) seems to be not over with National Arts and Merits Awards (NAMA). The chanter expressed his feelings towards the special tribute perfomed at HiCC on the 26th of February 2022 in honor of the conquering lon, Soul Jah Love (real name Soul Msaka. Soul Jah Love was one of the Zimdancehall veterans, if not an icon who contributed heavily to the movement.

Killer T

On the night of the 20th NAMA ceremony, the event opened up with a special medley in honor of Soul Jah Love. Chibaba was born on November 22, 1989 and pased on February 16, 2021. The medley featured Queen Kadjah, Enzo Ishall, Ma9ine a and Chipoko. They performed classics like ‘Ndini Uya Uya’, ‘Magetsi’, ‘Hameni’ and to mention a few.

Soul Jah Love

To many it was a classic moment that could be remembered as one of the iconic ceremonies NAMA have hosted. However, to Killer T the case is different. Killer attacked the NAMA for showing fake love and honor after they did failed to do so when Soul Jah Love was alive. The chanter took it to his socials and addressed the NAMAs as M*M*’s (a vulgar word).

It’s not by coincidence that Killer T became bitter to the NAMA’s. Back in 2016 the NAMA nominated Killer T for the the Best Male, Best Album and Best Song which Killer T failed to win any. In 2015 Killer T released a classic album called’ Ngoma Ndaimba’ which had great hits like ‘Itai Ndione’, Tave Kuda Kumbofarawo and ‘Chikorobho’.

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