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Crooger – Koncrete Jango – ©️2021 Shumba Inoruma


The lion roar never gets silenced as Crooger makes his mark again in ZimHipHop with an exclusive album, Koncrete Jango.

Kpncrete Jango serves to endorse and empower his brand Shumba Inoruma. Shumba is regarded as one of the fiercest animals in the jungle that rules over others. It has gained a lot of respect even in legends stories.

Crpoger has introduced himself to the nation as a hustler. Someone who does not depend on anybody but his own sweat. Most of the tracks deliver much on how hungry he is for success and ambitions in owning his own property as part of his legacy.

In one of the tracks, he denotes the mentality of competition against people who depend on other people instead of their sweat. Moreso, went on to name drop one of the socialites who is known for flaunting his riches exploiting young creatives for his benefit. That is, Prophet Passion Java.

Prophet Passion Java once appeared in an interview denouncing his support for ZimHipHop all because of their demands. Guess, Crooger was one of these guys or he is fighting for the culture to continue to live on authentic sources of revenue that supports creatives too.

To elucidate, it is never a great project if it does not include some love rap songs. There is a set of them.

Koncrete Jango does bear fruitful collaborations. It features the artists of the moment, Poptain and Anita Jaxson. Also lads like Probeatz, longtime friend Kikky Badass and gTbeats, Trey XL and Dondon.

Moreso, ever happy to see lads like C Bryan gracing this body of work. C Bryan is one of Rnb/Soul artists based in the Republic Of South Africa. His catalog does possess great love songs that really needs more exposure to revolutionize the Rnb sound in Zimbabwe.

Koncrete Jango now streaming on all digital platforms. You may also visit his own website for more records and information about Crooger:

Crooger – Koncrete Jango
Prod. gTbeats, Jonn The Producer, Leekay
Hip Hop/Rap
©️2021 Shumba Inoruma

01 – Intro
02 – Positive Energy
03 – Egoli (feat. Tashinga)
04 – Winner
05 – Handidi (feat. Poptain)
06 – Hungry Lions (feat. Probeatz)
07 – Handikusiye (feat. Anita Jaxson)
08 – Moyo uneRudo (feat. C Bryan)
09 – Munhu Wangu (feat. Kyla Blac)
10 – Nziyo yeRudo (feat. Dondon)
11 – Ndisina Chandinacho
12 – Munhu Wemunhu
13 – Fourty (feat. Kikky Badass, Trey XL)
14 – Chamunyurududu (feat. Tashamiswa)
15 – Peer Pressure
16 – Ginde (feat. Asaph, Ti Gonzi)
17 – Bango (feat. gTbeats)
18 – Ndinofunga Zvakawanda
19 – Kanga



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