Tahle WeDzinza Announces New Music On The Way


After a span of silence, the seasoned singer and songwriter, Tahle WeDzinza, finally returns to the music scene. Tahle WeDzinza is one of the industry’s dime blessed with a glorified voice that can move mountains. It has been 2 years since Tahle WeDzinza dropped a record.

Tahle WeDzinza

The ‘Rushesha‘ EP was her last release. It was released on the on the 20th of August 2020. Production handled by Morgan, popularly known as Golden Fingerz. Now Tahle returns to the scene as a guest feature on DJ Made Her Believe single with Matz Muziq, which is scheduled to premiere at Untamed on the 5th of June.

To promote it further, Tahle posted a snippet of the song on her socials (click here to sample), then posted a video clip at Untamed on Monday (click here to watch), announcing it’s official launch at Untamed with DJ Made Her Believe.

The single was first sampled at Untamed, a public space where people enjoy the fruits from their sweats and refreshments. The public space happens to be a usual spot for DJ Made Her Believe. DJ Made Her Believe Is a professional Disc Jock who is known for making gatherings a special place to lighten up people’s burdens.

The official release date has not been announced yet, but the first listen is up on the 5th of June at Untamed. Where the DJ will be headlining a show along with DJ Coop, DJ Mambo, Jnr Jay, DJ Fafi, NomaQ and Influence Brie. DJ Made Her Believe has played at top events, The DJ was one of the curtain raisers at Uncle Waffles concert, which was held at Reserve Bank Sports Bar, in Marlbereign on the 23rd of April, and was part of ‘A Girl From Harare’ tour by Chihera, Gemma Griffiths.

Not forgetting the man behind the record, Matz Muziq. Matz Muziq is a producer and DJ at African Roots. This year alone, Matz produced ‘Sax Lady’ with Tashinga and Tino Sax. Released a band of Amapiano refixes including Ndakuvara by Oliver Mtukudzi.

Get ready for King Tahle, she is back…

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