Poptain Blasts Awards & Cooperates


One of the most celebrated artists of our generation (Poptain) is not feeling recognized enough visavi to his works he has offered lately. Which has made it hard for the chanter to recognize the awards organisations and corporate companies as well.

Whilst getting some air on a great day, Poptain met five school boys who happened to be his fans. The young boys were very happy to meet him and wanted to be captured in the same picture with Poptain. Alongside the conversation, the boys happened to have asked Poptain how many accolades he has received so far. This question wasn’t to Poptain’s liking as he has not receive many.

Poptain turned to the them and expressed his feelings towards awards. Since there has been much recognition, Poptain has chosen to not follow any of them. Not that recognition was not a big problem but the package that comes along with award.

The ‘Kokai’ hitmaker does not see any respect coming from these organizations. In his opinion, Poptain thinks they exploit and take advantage of artists and never reward them what they deserve. The organization alone is benefiting by creating traffic on their websites and failing to share the same revenue with artists.

This traffic is generated the moment an artist starts to campaign for votes to win an award. Most times when these ceremonies happen, they provide a link to which everyone nominated can pass around and look for votes. Those votes are then turned into revenue as per traffic with Google AdSense. Therefore, what Poptain is rallying for is a piece of that revenue generated because we all worked for them.


The same issue was once raised by the Mambo hitmaker, Asaph, when he tweeted that bloggers make money off the content we offer on social media every day and asked if it was okay if they can get something from this. This is the same angle that Poptain is coming from but different in nature since his concern is around awards ceremonies.

Instead of it to be only an award corporate company and help promote artists to rise to their prime there is a sense of monopoly in them. In the sense that, they make use of you preparing for the next show next year. If they do not award you then it means you no longer relevant to them. Poptain is refusing to be the victim of such. The chanter thinks that artists are being exploited and left with no value whilst they make money in disguise as they depend on artist marketing.

Poptain included the death of Jiggaz in his statement to reveal how unimportant artists are to corporate companies. Jiggaz was pronounced dead on the 8th of October 2021 around 0900hrs. The chanter was one of the pioneers of Zimdancehall based in Chitungwiza.

However, what Poptain is rallying for is for a decent industry, not exploitation of value and monopoly. At the same time since Poptain possesses influence, he has chosen not to keep quiet but fight for the next generation. Poptain issued this statement with no regrets of going back, he stands with his word.

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