Poptain Breaks Silence On Abuse & Monopoly


History always have a way of repeating itself. Poptain’s episode is not only triggered by recent events but it goes back to his childhood. The singer revealed some touching details about his childhood which was almost close to be revealed on one of his songs, ‘Pfau Pfau’.

When Poptain was a minor at the age of five he was raped with one of his relatives. At the same time Poptain was forced to lick the behind of an adult but with fear, Poptain had no strength to report because he was afraid. Do you remember the scene on ‘Pfau Pfau’ with Poptain tied up with a lot belts??? Imagine how much more he is holding back.

This introduced another issue of his episode besides award organizers. In one of his other posts on Facebook Poptain mentioned about been called to a meeting but had no enough money to fill up his car and attend. Also in another post he mentioned about him not been paid enough which he related to licking the behind of the cooperates taking advantage of his inspiration.

Went on to mention the issue of people getting endorsements through ‘Fadza Mutengi’ for their own purposes. Everyone he made a jingle for did not pay Poptain a cent. Most of the people exploited him for half price or nothing leveraging their power and influence on his career.

‘Pfau Pfau’ singer believes that the cooperate are taking advantage of his ambitions since Poptain wishes to share stage with big names like Don Jazzy, Patoranking and Wizkid to use him without paying enough funds. Poptain refuses to be taken back when he was 5 where he was silent and afraid. Most people have seen this as a wrong move but Poptain has no regrets and have chosen not to be silenced.

Since Poptain is the main man since 2020, the singer feels to be carrying responsibilities for the new generation. They might be afraid to fight back against cooperates and rich moguls like him back when he was 5. That memory has not settled well with Poptain as he now feels insecure for his daughter, Zaynar Bint Jaleel, that she could be a victim of the same since history seems to have cached up with his future.

Putting out his laundry is something Poptain learnt when he was on tour in England. Ever since this happened Poptain did not tell anyone. Things have changed in this generation since we find more comfort on social media more than with our relatives and family.

‘Munhu WeNyama’ hitmaker is supposed to be releasing new single called ‘Hololo’. Which has been teased on his socials with #hotikulture since he was in England. Despite him been eager to share this with the world, Poptain has chosen to push back the release until the dust settles.

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