Qounfuzed Blasts Enzo Ishall For Coming Out Retirement


Qounfuzed is not happy with Enzo Ishall’s return to the music scene. On the 1st of September 2021, Enzo Ishall resigned after releasing ‘Ehee’ which was supposed to be his last song this year. Plans changed as Enzo Ishall released ‘Zuva Risingasvike’ on the 11th of October 2021.

Enzo Ishall appeared on radio soaking in tears on his interview with KVG on Star FM making a statement about his mental health complications. Everyone tried to reach out to Enzo Ishall to offer any help they could. It was very depressing to have such a talent retiring from music with less than 5 years.

Enzo Ishall is the one behind hits like ‘Kanjiva’, ‘Magate’, ‘Matsimba’, ‘Smart Rotangira Kutsoka’, ‘Mhamha’, to mention a few. His music had became a daily dose for some people. However, Enzo Ishall reason to resign was close to home since most people are experiencing the same.

After the release of ‘Zuva Risingasvike’, Qounfuzed blasted Enzo Ishall for faking his suffering from mental health. The ‘9ine’ hitmaker was not happy with the way Enzo Ishall manipulated people into thinking that he was going through an episode. Instead, Qounfuzed thinks Enzo Ishall only did this to promote his music.

The singer’s concern is not around the stunt made by Enzo Ishall but the ability of the nation to tell the difference between a stunt and genuine victims. To Qounfuzed, the mental illness by Enzo Ishall is a parody to promote his music which he thinks that it is going to. Ake people lose interest in caring for artists.

Recently, Poptain went through an episode and revealed some sensitive information about his childhood. Qounfuzed believes that the reason behind why people are failing to see the genuine part in Poptain’s pandora box is because Enzo Ishall made a fool of the audience. Now they are going to think that every problem that will come from artists it will be a scam. Anita Jaxson supports this notation.

For his own legacy, Qounfuzed has chosen not to use the same strategies to promote his music by deceiving fans for his own benefit.

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