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Qounfuzed Losing Faith In Investing Into Music Videos


9ine hitmaker Qounfuzed is back again questioning his fans about how best they want him to serve them content. The singer took time to check on how his visuals are performing since their release on YouTube. Unfortunately, the algorithm seemed to have struck a nerve and pushed Qounfuzed into an uncomfortable zone.


The singer opened up on how he worked hard and challenges he faced when shooting some of his visuals. When he compared four of his visuals, he discovered that the ones he has invested more money into, have not retained enough feedback as expected. The videos include ‘Mhosva’ featuring Cindy, a special dedication to Moana called ‘Goodnight’, ‘Zvironda’ and recently released ‘Memories’.

‘Mhosva’ and ‘Zvironda’ are the ones Qounfuzed had invested more into whilst ‘Goodnight’ and ‘Memories’ were just one shot videos on his sessions called Hang Da Mic. On ‘Mhosva’, the video was shot in 2 different countries and they used 2 different prisons which did cost Qounfuzed a lot. Qounfuzed is based in United Kingdom whereas Cindy is based in America.

Moreover, on ‘Zvironda’, Qounfuzed faced difficulties in paying extra fees for damages to hotel property (stained stage blood on Hotel’s bath tub, burned guitar and fire alarm that went off during the shoot). Whereas videos for ‘Goodnight’ and ‘Memories’ were were shot in one night effortlessly and ended up having the most views on YouTube.

This has brought much peer pressure onto Qounfuzed, trying to figure out which strategy is the best put out upcoming music. Should it be an official video or a Hang Da Mic session? It seems Qounfuzed is almost close to losing faith in investing into music videos.

‘Mhosva’ has wrecked 64K views since release on YouTube and Zvironda has wrecked 72K views on YouTube. Whereas ‘Goodnight’ has 599K views on YouTube and 38, 710 streams on Spotify. Recently released ‘Memories’ has 116K views on YouTube and 8, 336 streams on Spotify.

In the case of ‘Goodnight’, it may be because it dropped at the right time and it was a special dedication to Moana. Moana’s career was at peak and so was the attention drawn by the song. Whereas ‘Memories’, Qounfuzed is well known for penning great heartbreak songs. So usually this might be a signal as to what his fans expect or love from him.


So what advice may you give to Qounfuzed prior to his forthcoming singles. Click here to be redirected to the Instagram post so that you may contribute in the comments below the post. Your contributions matter.

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