The Controversy Behind The Redefined Show Starring Jah Prayzah, Winky D And Nutty O


The Big Three Redefined that was held on the 18th of June at Harare International Conference Centre, headlining Nutty O, Jah Prayzah and the Bigman Winky D was delayed but at the end of the day, it was worth the wait.

The show headlined three of the biggest artists in Zimbabwe at the moment. However, there was a slight delay of an hour or less for the show to commence. According from an in closed source, the delay was caused by the artists themselves switching slots as to whom will start, perform at the middle and last. This show was more than a show to the artists, but a moment to shine.

The problem started back on Wednesday, Nutty O wanted to perform second, refusing to be the first act to perform. Whilst Jah Prayzah wanted to perform last and Winky D was okay with any plan. But, the organizers wanted Winky D to be the last act for the night.

Saturday preparations started with a sound check before the big show. Unfortunately, Jah Prayzah did not show up but, the 3G band represented. It is believed that the 3G band was okay to perform before Winky D to avoid the latter but Jah Prayzah was not afraid. The manager Keen Mshapaidze is believed to be the main influence for Jah Prayzah to opt to perform last.

After the sound check, the agreement was, Nutty O will perform first, Jah Prayzah second since the 3G band was not comfortable to perform after Winky D and the Bigman to close up the show. Unfortunately, that plan did not go as planned.

Jah Prayzah called in and chose the last slot right at the moment the show was about to start. The organizers had to call Winky D to update him on the reschedule of his slot. Winky D could not give in easily since he had another show on the same day. Therefore, since he was to perform last the Bigman could have planned to squeeze another one in between.

But it did not take time for Winky D to change his mind. Minutes later, the Vigilance called in and gave an update to perform second after Nutty O. The organizers had to squeeze DJ Iroq to cover time for Winky D to arrive at the venue.

Unfortunately, the change of the schedule drained the confidence of the 3G band. The band is believed to have gone out before their slot to enjoy themselves since they believed that, if Winky D performs first before them, the show is done.

Winky D is best known for living the crowd mesmerized with a top notch performance. The reputation behind his performance has set a great level and expectations. However, even though, some artists still believe they can outperform Winky D. Give thanks to the promoters for ReDefined show, as suggested by Jezz De Don, this deserves a continuity tour. Be it in Zimbabwe or outside. It is a great venture that’s needed in the music industry.

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