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Andy Muridzo – Sango NeDziva – ©️2021 Andy Muridzo & Jeetaz Band


Andy Muridzo goes back to his ancestors in Sango Nedziva.

Sango Nedziva is an African packed project with traits and norm of our own culture. The instrumentation on this album possess more African percussion sounds. Embracing each and every element.

Producers like Bleq Boi, Cymplex, Maselo, Leekay and T. Man have tried by all means to fuse our own sound and modernized its rhythms. Even though Andy Muridzo seems to be more morden and can embrace different genre’s, on Sango Nedziva he kept it African and unique to the sound which introduced him to the industry. Do you still remember Eriza??? That’s the sound.

However, what happened on Africa produced by Bleq Boi is exceptionally great. The fuse of African sound,, Jazz, Metal and Reggae ryhtm is just wow. That’s one of the song you should look out for.

It preaches about Unity among tribes and nations. As you know, in Zimbabwe we have tribal issues between the Shona and regional we have xenophobia attacks in South Africa. This could be the anthem to rally behind the abolishment of tribalism and xenophobia.

Last but not least is the special collaboration with Haitham Kim. Haitham Kim is a Tanzanian singer signed to Passion Java Records. They exchanged culture as both of them sang in the others tongue. However, Haitham Kim accent is quite great. It didn’t sound as if she was Tanzanian at all.

Jeetaz band did came through with sweet backing vocals. They kept getting better on each and every song. The chemistry seems to be strong and intertwined.

Andy Muridzo – Sango Nedziva
Prod. Bleq Boi, Cymplex, Maselo, Laiza, Leekay, T. Man
African Music
©️2021 Andy Muridzo

01 – Sango NeDziva
02 – Dziva Guru
03 – Hombarume
04 – Muchatuka Rinhi
05 – Garadziva
06 – Munofa Muchiwona
07 – Danda Rinofema
08 – Mhere
09 – Bande
10 – Samuninga
11 – Africa
12 – Follow Me (feat. Haitham Kim)
13 – Varaidzo
14 – Dzika Peter
15 – Murimambo
16 – Tinorevedzana
17 – Mai Mwana

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