Seh Calaz Clears Allegations Against Soul Jah Love Legacy Accusations


The fight for Soul Jah Love’s legacy breeds out as Shelthang Sunshine blasts Seh Calaz on Facebook.

Soul Jah Love

In the morning of 12 March Shelthang Sunshine took to Facebook to drop a bombshell on Seh Calaz. The Sunshine Family Records producer and close companion of Soul Jah Love accused Seh Calaz of taking advantage of the death of Soul Jah Love for his own benefit. The producer went to reveal the relationship between Soul Jah Love and Seh Calaz.

Seh Calaz (Left) Soul Jah Love (Right)

Soul Jah Love and Seh Calaz once engaged in a dreadful lyrical war. This war could be one of the factors that led to Zimdancehall becoming the pop culture in Zimbabwe. The clash held at City Sports back in 2014 solidified the rise.

After the death of Soul Jah Love, Seh Calaz shared a video of him at the funeral crying and revealing how excruciating this was for the industry and him as a human. In his statement (Seh Calaz), the chanter showed how much he loved Soul Jah Love and how they related.

Moreso, in his recent video for Chidhakwa, as it starts, Seh Calaz is shown smiling while watching Soul Jah Love Birthday Bash footage on his mobile device. As the video ends, the footage is also showcased. This was his way of paying tribute to Soul Jah Love. Seh Calaz chose to do it differently.

In addition, Seh Calaz shared a picture cosigning new artist Lukko. Lukko is an upcoming Zimdancehall artist who sounds the same as Soul Jah Love. As of late, Lukko has already released a couple of songs and earned cosigns from Zimcelebs and Nash Nation.

Seh Calaz (Left) Lukko (Right)

All this is not sitting well with Shelthang Sunshine. The producer doesn’t see it as of good nature but a way of taking advantage to gain fame. Back in the comments on Sunshine Family Facebook posts, there is an issue of a recording studio to be built in Mbare in honor of Soul Jah Love. Sunshine Family sees it as nothing in the face of the nation.

Shelthang Sunshine

Seh Calaz finally shared his statement on Facebook clarifying his position in all this and addressing some of this issues. On the issue of a recording studio that’s meant to be built in honor of Soul Jah Love, he feels like it is of utmost important to have one. If it’s going to happen, it should be located at Stodart.

Seh Calaz

However, Seh Calaz disqualified claims made by Sunshine Family. Of which this was proposed by the government after they declared Soul Jah Love a provincial hero as a way to keep his legacy alive. Seh Calaz pleads with the government to keep their word no matter the negative energy.

Soul Jah Love Declared A Provincial Hero

Moreover, Seh Calaz wishes to see Soul Jah Love honored in the right way and not be sabotaged. On behalf of the family, Seh Calaz wishes to see the remaining music to be distributed fairly in a bid to benefit his family. Selektah Junky (Soul Jah Love’s Manager) shared a press statement requesting for all his music to be submitted to them to avoid unnecessary releases.

In a nutshell, the fight for Soul Jah Love’s legacy brews more war than love as people seek for credit and validation.

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