Selmor Mtukudzi
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Selmor Mtukudzi Asking For Assistance To Bring Back Facebook Page


I have tried reaching out to FaceBook itself and after a series of receiving a not working link to reinstate my page, requesting more assistance, they ended up ignoring my emails.

Selmor Mtukudzi

Daughter to an iconic legend Oliver Mtukudzi and wife to iconic Zex Manatsa son, Selmor Mtukudzi got robbed while driving.

Early on the 21st of December, Selmor Mtukudzi took it to Facebook through her official personal account asking for assistance from her fans to reach out to FaceBook to help get her Facebook page reinstated after it was deleted by an individual who stole her phone.

The singer claims that, a thief broke the passenger window while they were driving and grabbed her phone from her hands. The robber tried by all means to reach out to some of her relatives in a bid to acquire credentials.

She believes that, the requests for for her credentials was a way to try hack in her accounts and try Withdraw money from her ecocash account. She was left with no option but to block the SIM card from working.

However, blocking the SIM card was going to deprive her the ability to track down the robber so that she could acquire her phone back, but to protect her money, she had to. The robber could have got pissed off and logged on her socials. The one thing the robber did was to delete her Facebook page that beard 15K followers.

The singer believes that, this was done as a way to hurt her back since they could not get anything of more value than a phone only.

Selmor Mtukudzi tried by all means to contact Facebook for assistance but that seemed to be a dead end for there is no assistance coming through after a series of requests. Therefore, she kindly asks for assistance from her fans all over the world to engage by using the #FBPutSelmorMtukudziPageBackOnline so that she get up and running again.

Losing the page really hurt her to bits since she feels like she has lost a chunk of hard work for nothing. That’s why she is pleading with everyone whose going to come across the post to please try help her out

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