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Cousin – Slim Mhitsa ©2021 Cousin Music


Tinashe Jijita stage Name Cousin is a Kadoma based rapper. Grew up in the ghetto of Rimuka. Sarted music back in 2015 when he was A level at Jameson High School. Since then Cousin has released a number of singles and one mixtape in 2018 called Friday Nights.

Cousin worked with artists like Sabastian Magacha on a call center jingle, Holy ten and Kae Chaps on a hip hop condomize campaign

Cousin’s sphens inspiration from the day to day activities and situations experienced in the ghetto, that gives him the motivation to compose and express feelings to the world

As a kid coming from a society with no funding, sponsors and a lot of set backs you find out that even if you got goals to reach they maybe difficult due to lack of sponsorship, exposure and negative energy trying to pull you down.

Cousin expect people to relate to his content, exposure and place the Golden city on the map.

‘Slim Mhitsa’ is a track that Cousin wrote when he was by the corner one weekend. It basically started as a conversation on what they been going through, that is, the plans they have and what they have achieved. The rapper later on decided to make that a track about his own life and express his feelings.

The idea was to raise hopes amongst the youths and even the older generations so they can believe in themselves and let nobody tell them they can’t achieve greatness.

Cousin would like to give credits to Mcky, Normz jay, anatsano from 263, Terrence Mzaya and everyone who been pushing me to do better in this music gig.

‘Slim Mhitsa’ now streaming on Audiomack.

Cousin – Slim Mhitsa
Hip Hop
©️2021 Cousin

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