Is There A Way To Satisfy Zimbabweans with Splits Loui


Last week, social media was on steroids as the nation attacked Mr. G. Guvamatanga for booking foreign artists at his birthday party. One of the artists that was booked was Makhadzi, who was booked for R300K and ended up been paid R1500 Million for her performance.

The nation was not happy about it since the rich tycoon booked international artists. The question was, why go for international acts leaving out your local acts? Some started to accuse Guvamatanga for spending too much from his pockets. Since Guvamatanga is a civil servant, they started to label him as one of the people practicing corruption. Forgetting that Guvamatanga was once a Managing Director for one bank for nearly 28 years before he became a Civil servant.

Even though the nation was against Guvamatanga for booking foreign acts, there is a twist to it. The nation wanted Guvamatanga to at least spend on local acts but there is a situation when it comes to this. Whenever a local act is booked by someone who has ties to the government and ZANU PF, people tend to cancel the artist. This has affected the likes of Jah Prayzah, Sulumani Chimbetu and Sandra Ndebele.

Mutare based singer and producer Splits Loui raised this concern confused on what people want from their artists. Even though they’re vouching for local acts to be booked more over foreign acts there is no great results to be achieved. If any of the local acts had been booked to Guvamatanga birthday, surely, they was not going to survive the weekend.

Artists try to go along with the nation’s needs for a better tomorrow they still do not help the artists. Many artists are starving since selling music in Zimbabwe is not yet a thing, but a thing of the past. Therefore, Splits Loui is confused on how best can an artist make a living in a nation like this.

If the nation needs artists to support their cause they need to support them back. Desperate times are what push artists to make such decisions. Every artist wants to stand with everyone’s cause but if there is no return of the favor it is going to be hard on them.

Many have regarded the celebrity status in Zimbabwe useless since they look the same as civilians. Since they cannot sell music people have no right to ask what an artist owns or networthy. Splits Loui thinks we kill each other blindly. In our mindset we think we are building something but we are destroying ourselves.

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