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Seh Calaz – Terera Ngoma (Mbira neHosho) – ©️2021 Yala Nation


Seh Calaz finally debuts Terera Ngoma (Mbira neHosho) album.

Terera Ngoma (Ngoma neHosho) has joined his long belt of projects since he made his entrance in Zimdancehall by Yala Nation Music. The album was released on the 2nd of August as he was celebrating his 31st birthday.

Terera Ngoma is his new signature that he use in most of his songs. The album title sounds familiar to a single by the Legendary Oliver Mtukudzi back in 2000 called Ngoma neHosho. Not sure if it is were the inspiration came from.

It follows the debut of Soul Jah Love Tribute, Ghetto DNA, Seh Calaz @30 nd Bholato Bholato. Seh Calaz reflects some of the crucial ghetto Ills especially during the pandemic days. One of the most outstanding records is Tafadzwa which is based on a true story of a lad who was falsely convicted.

Two singles were released in promotion of the album, ‘Kuma Am’ and ‘Never Give Up’. To promote it further Seh Calaz previewed some of his great moments with Sungura legend Alick Macheso. Who happens to have appeared on Hucheche.

Musically, the album delves into Zimdancehall and an added flavor of urban and jiti sound. His reunion with his long time producer who had resigned before, Kutso now known as Prophet K. Joseph. Their chemistry remains special everytime they work together.

Upon release, the album faced a lot of critics from the fans expecting nothing but the worst. However, the chanter has remained vigilant in his works and chose his talent over assumptions by people. In an interview with Mbale, Seh Calaz noted that he has got used to critics. It is nothing new to him.

“Some people criticize your body of work without even listening to it. It is now a norm to me. I already know their ambitions” Seh Calaz noted.

Seh Calaz – Terera Ngoma (Ngoma neHosho)
Prod. Cashlibs, Cymplex, Lazzie T, Marlon T, Maselo, PTK, Spirit Fingerz, Steezy
©️2021 Yala Nation

01 – Hwahwa
02 – Mudzimu Unoyera
03 – Mwari Vanoziya
04 – Wandiponda
05 – Once Again
06 – Chinguri (Lazzie T Mix)
07 – Chinguri (Spirit Fingerz Mix)
08 – Easy Life
09 – Kufa Kufa
10 – Never Give Up
11 – Tafadzwa
12 – Tine Mufaro (feat. Batsirai Shasha)
13 – Hucheche (feat. Alick Macheso)
14 – Mwari Makanaka (feat. Chris Marlon)
15 – Kuma AM



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