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Gemma Griffiths Reveals The Ghost Behind Titungamire & Maita Basa


A year later Gemma Griffiths reveals the ghost writer behind Titungamire and Maita Basa which is set to hit the stores on the 25th of September.

The Birth Of Titungamire

Titungamire was released on the 13th of September 2020 by Chillspot Records. Featured on Rematare Riddim produced by multi award winning producer Levelz Hitmaker. The single was one of the outstanding songs from the compilation along with Nutty O’s Musatisiye.

The single has wrecked over 85 000 streams on Spotify and 918 000 views on YouTube for the official video. Gemma Griffiths was not aware of the impact this record was going to be to the nation and his career too. Titungamire was and still featured in most chat shows on radio.


“At the start of the pandemic I collaborated with Chillspot Recordzto give you Titungamire. I never dreamt the impact it would have and the weight it would carry, throughout this past year and a half.”

Enzo Ishall (Left) & Gemma Griffiths (Right)

Even though Gemma Griffiths is Zimbabwean the the way she came up with the Shona lyrics was incredible. At one you point you would appreciate her effort in taking time to pen a full vernecula song through out. However, as a humble person Gemma Griffiths revealed the man behind the creative process for Titungamire, Enzo Ishall.

“I went to Chillspot, and sat with Levels, Fantan and Enzo, and wrote Titungamire. Enzo is an incredible writer, a visionary and has music in his veins. His input into Titungamire was an absolute honor to watch….”

This is not the first time she has revealed. I remember when Titungamire dropped she mentioned Enzo Ishall about it was not in black and white as it is today. It is really great to see artists appreciating and crediting each other. Before the Stallion resigned they worked on another single featured on produced by Fantan Dweet for Chillspot Recordz. Song name ‘Maita Basa Baba’.

“Now, today, comes another riddim, another piece of work by this incredible team.”

The Birth of Maita Basa Baba

‘Maita Basa Baba’ is an gospel praising song to God for taking care of the family and the blessings. Speaking of praises Gemma Griffiths appreciates the company and help she had from Enzo Ishall and Levelz,

“Thank you Levels for your music, thank you Enzo for your writing, for sharing ideas and working with me on this.”

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