Delmar African Wine Premieres Visuals For New Single, Tsime


The project is called Tsime was released on the 30th of June by Delmar African Wine and TatendaLXA. Produced by Tatenda LXA and engineered by Rayobeats. Visuals shot and chopped by Zorro.

Tsime is a mid-tempo sensual RnB Shona song that has explicitly and artistically depicted the way the social structure is evolving in our community where we are not afraid of voicing our desires.

Delmar the African Wine plays the role of the character being hopelessly driven sensually by desire stimulated by the voice of her lover, an unmentioned prey.

Prey because the African Wine takes back control and plays the predator as the song progresses. In other words,the prey becomes the predator.

She takes control of everything from the vocal delivery to the dance and performance delivery with two talented backup dancers. The animal print costumes make it hard to miss the predator-prey theme as well as the makeup.

The lyrics of the song are in Shona, her local language and the way the intense luscious song is structured, it’s no doubt this artist’s creativity is beyond borders.
From the production of the song to the visuals, the project is solid gold.

Also, Tsime is an excavation created in the ground to access water. Water in this case is the bodily fluids that are released during the intense lovemaking which can be heard from the moaning of the character.

The sets in the video are mostly gritty, dark and wet just like a Tsime to solidify the name.

The Chiredzi born singer goes on to encourage her prey to become her predator as well on the second verse showing the beauty of that back and forth exchange but still retaining control.

“We as people tend to complain when we don’t get what we want from our partners but sometimes we don’t go through the process of letting them know in the first place” Delmar explains

The message in Tsime is take charge, take control, be the boss of what you get by voicing and expressing what you want.

The video was shot in a warehouse in Tynwald South a local area in Harare, showing how artists are now more of products than people in the music industry as warehouses are associated with the making and storage of products. (Industry Objects) that people don’t treat them as human beings with feelings and flesh.

Tsime Now Streaming On All Digital Platforms.

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