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The countdown is on as producer, engineer, singer and songwriter Brian Jeck is ready to unleash his debut album after his EP, Zim Dril King. Hailing in 053, Brian Jeck came on the scene as a producer and engineer and a party time artist. Things have changed as he diverts his vision towards music. On the 24th of June, Brian Jeck will be dropping his debut album, Unicorn.

In an interview with YaadUniverse, Brian Jeck showed much confidence with Unicorn. Unicorn is a 19 track album with guest features by Mwana WaPharoah R. Peels, Tha Bees, Kumbie, Breezie Nukem and to mention a few. Production handled by How Far hitmaker, Crane, Eliq, Kidd MJ, Washa T and to mention a few.

“Unicorns are believed to be mythical creatures with a rare unusual character. To this sense, I am one of the artists with a different vision to the game…” said Brian Jeck.

Brian Jeck took eight months working on Unicorn (from October 2021 – May 2022). The Tungidza Moto rapper is very confident that Unicorn will reach its ultimate success. To a new fan Jeck noted,

“The sound on th album is addictive to the point of repeating one track over and over because the aim was also to increase number of listeners due to variety content which suits many age groups. New fans are lucky, they are facing a unique project…”

Among the 19 tracks on the album, Pop Smoke, Dust Locaine, French The Kid, Abbracadabra are the tracks Brian is confident enough that might hit home on Unicorn.

In a few, Brian appreciated the opportunity of working with Voltz JT. Brian Jeck and Voltz JT recently dropped a duet called MaGeez. A Zeb Tsikira presentation. The song is doing well at the moment with 96K streams on YouTube.

Despite the blow up of Tungidza Moto (Dior Remix), Brian is one of the artists on the crossover hit, Fire Emoji, with Leo Magoz and Bling 4. Fire Emoji was masterminded by Vince Goodbeats, a close friend and partner to Brian Jeck.

“All thanks to Vince Goodbeats, he came up with the idea and he is also the owner of the record. He connected us on the joint and we all performed some fireworks…” Brian Jeck added.

Unicorn debut album by Brian Jeck coming to all streaming platforms on the 24th of June 2022. Tracks now scheduled for release on YouTube.

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