Holy Ten Fires Back At Voltz JT w/ ‘Zviri Pa2’


Who knew this was going to emanate after the ‘How Far’ collaboration? ‘How Far’ is a single by Voltz JT and Holy Ten soon after the release of ‘Nyaya Dzemari’ by Voltz JT. On ‘Nyaya Dzemari’ that’s when Voltz JT finally sent his shots to Holy Ten. Before we get into ‘Zviri Pa2’, let’s go through the whole saga between Holy Ten and Voltz JT.

When Holy Ten dropped his breakthrough song, Ndaremerwa’ back in 2020, Voltz JT posted on his Instagram account accusing Holy Ten for stealing his style of rapping. No one followed through since the community thought it was a gimmick and Voltz JT was just on his come up.

Voltz JT then finally brought the issue to the table with the release of ‘Nyaya Dzemari’. ‘Nyaya Dzemari’ gained popularity and became Voltz JT’s breakthrough song. After ‘Nyaya Dzemari’ received a great reception Holy Ten hyped the song on his socials.

The leader of the youth then reached out to Voltz JT and later on posted a video of them both recording a song, ‘How Far’. Only to realise that there was a shot in the song later after they released ‘How Far’ together and dropped ‘Zviri Pa2’. On the other side, in good faith, Voltz JT thought the beef was done with the debut of ‘How Far’ only to be surprised with ‘Zviri Pa2’.

No one cared to recall the dispute between these two and chose to move on. ‘How Far’ became one of the biggest songs and most streamed video of Voltz JT. Surpassing ‘Nyaya Dzemari’. Both songs (Nyaya Dzemari and How Far’ were nominated at this years ZimHipHop Awards as the best song and collaboration of 2021.

Just a fortnight to close up the year 2021 Holy Ten dropped a direct diss to Voltz JT for dissing him in ‘Nyaya Dzemari’ and accusing him for stealing his raping style with new single, ‘Zviri Pa2’. The community is now asking why now after all that have been achieved.

Voltz JT took it to his socials and asked what he had done to piss him up. That made him go back in history and ressurect such a memory. Jecha Trap forward chose to distance himself and accuse Holy Ten from losing focus in representing the girl child.

Holy Ten responded and exhorted Voltz JT to not use the girlhild as his shield and face him for his cause. Also reminded Voltz JT for been the first one to insult him. Therefore, this was payback with ‘Zviri Pa2’ as Holy Ten’s takes a jab at Voltz JT merch.

‘Zviri Pa2’ has faced a lot of criticism since it went not only for Voltz JT head but a terror on University of Zimbabwe female students.

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