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Twenner J Rich – We Never Die (freestyle) – ©️2021 Riverbank Records


Zim budding rapper faces death threats
By Branton Matondo

Upon releasing his track ‘We Never Die’, young Kwekwe hip hop bud received unquenchable death threats in person and through the social media.

Born Mistice Ayanda Majaha, Twenner J Rich who has been receiving airplay at Ikwekwezi FM in South Africa recently released a track called ‘We Never Die’ which has made his life a living hell.

Listening to the song, one postulate that the song is political and patriotic call out but to Twenner, it has nothing to do with that. To get more detail, I managed to get in contact with the Kasi rapper and gather much detail on this unfortunate turn of events.

BM : Before we delve deep, Who is Twenner J Rich?
TJR : My birth name is Mistice Ayanda Majaha, born on the 19th of November 1998. My music journey started in 2017. I have worked with Allaz of Riverbank Records in Kwekwe, and I have also partnered with Berry the Rapper, who is ruling Masvingo. I have done a lot of projects so far.

BM : Okay, When and how did you receive the threats?
TJR : At first the threats came in through my Facebook and WhatsApp accounts on Thursday 28 May 2021. It was actually fierce and scary seeing a strong message of someone threatening your life. Some in person came and threatened me which was more scary than ever. My friends life was also in jeopardy when because some threats were sent through his phone
BM : Can you briefly describe the nature of the threats?
TJR : They were death threats my brother (he sighs), l was told that I’m coming for you and I was also told that we will beat you up so hard.
BM : What do you think caused the threats?
TJR : (he sings) , “When l was five my mama told me it’s gonna be a better place now 22 still no changes zvinhu zvese zvirikuenda kumawere (everything is getting worse)” As I was writing my song I placed these lines upfront. Some of the lines are found within the song. So l think that was basically the motive. These people thought that I was trying create a movement of some sort you know. (Stream or Download We Never Die on the links below)

Download On Dbree

Download On Nippybox

BM : What is the key message of the song?
TJR : The main message is to deliver and show my love for my young brothers and sisters. While I am showing love, I am propelling the idea that we still lack freedom and basic opportunities like jobs.
BM : What inspired you to come up with the track?
TJR : So at first came an instrument called Zim Lives Matter and many Zim rappers and hip hop artists had to send their songs. I sent my my piece. I was just standing up for the young generations, not in a bad way, but in a sane way.
BM : Do you think that you are a patriotic singer or voice of the voiceless?
TJR : I am an artist, and with art we express our thoughts and emotions. I am not patriotic but l am a realist. I base my work on reality not patriotism or political motions.
BM : Have you ever been threatened before?
TJR : Well, I can not actually say they are threats. Its actually here say from fans that some people are saying bad things about you. But in actual fact, this is the fist time to be threatened.
BM : How is it, in such a Covid stricken environment to face auch a life tgreat?
TJR : It is devastating really, you would not understand the situation. Studio sessions , planing and air play is difficult to source. I am an upcoming artist and I would expect full support but to be sabotaged by other people like this is disheartening.
Twenner is currently working on his video projects for his already released singles.


born 19 NOVEMBER 1998 . Started his music journey in 2017 .

He works with his partner TAF$ as their grup is called YOUNGSTARS e.n.t


In 2019 he worked with BERRY THE RAPPER who was nominated on MASVINGO best rapper of the year . On that very same year he also got his first airplay on IKWEKWEZI FM from SOUTH AFRICA . Twenner j rich is yet to drop an album


Born in a family of four and he is the second born .
When he was a little boy he would enjoy immitatting
songs from radios or on any airplay.

He was motivated by DAVID GOTOSA (ANDREAS)
and went on to record his first song called GANGSTARCITY.

He has worked most of his songs with ALLAZ of RIVERBANK RECORDS

For more of his music, please click Twenner J Rich YouTube Channel  to subscribe to his official YouTube Channel and for bookings click Twenner J Rich Email Address

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