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It sounds like a relief but at the same time a slam in the face of all international YouTube creators around the world for Google is coming for your earnings. All creators outside the US have been curved with a slamming tax issue rate from all the earnings they make from the US.

Responding to the US Internal Revenue Chapter 3: collect tax information from all monetizing creators outside the US. In certain instances, to deduct when these creators earn income from viewers in the US.

Google has announced and urged everyone to submit their tax forms by the end of March. They have however, provided tax forms that a creator might use to submit, that is, for individuals it will be W – 8BEN and for business it will the W – 8BEN – E.

Google will begin deducting taxes from non US creators in earnings generated by US viewers through as views, YouTube Premium, Super Chat, Super Stickers and Channel Memberships.

Tax rate payments will be charged as depending on three distinctive occasions, that is:

(i) If your valid tax form has been submitted you will find tax holding rates in the payment section in ad sence section. Tax holding rates range from 0 – 30% depending on your country, for instance, if you are earning US$200 from the US, US$60 will be for tax.

If it’s not submitted by the end of March, Google will be allowed by the law to presume that you are a US creator or citizen. Which means it will withhold 24% of your earnings worldwide not US only. So the earlier you submit your tax forms the better.

(ii) How much your channel earns from the US viewers and;

(iii) If your country has a tax treaty with the US. If you submit your tax revenue and claim that you country has a tax treaty with the US then it means your tax will be reduced.

However, it’s a bummer for Zimbabwean creators for our country doesn’t have any tax treaty with the US. Which means the earlier we get to submit our tax forms will help us be taxed between 0 – 30% from the earnings earned only in the US so as to escape the 24% rate worldwide.

Google already was issuing around 45% of all revenue generated through ads on all videos, 30% of all Super Chat donations and channel memberships. This new tax deduction will save creators outside the US and will now see less of the money from these three main pillars of YouTube’s revenue system. For more information, please watch the video below from YouTube Creators:

According to YouTube Creators, these changes made by Google are set to be effective as early as June. Therefore, everyone is expected to have submitted their tax forms by the end of this month to escape the shumble of 24% tax payment from earnings around the world.

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