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Zimbabweans Call To Action Against Violations Of Covid 19 Regulations


Africa has been reported to face an exclusive attack on newly mutated virus discovered in South Africa which contrast with Covid 19. Scientists have reported that this virus is more deadly than the first one for this infects every age group with no selection. The same mutated virus is reported to have already infected high density surbubs of Kuwadzana.

The first wave of the virus was vulnerable to infants and the elderly mostly. That’s why Italy had the highest number of cases for their elderly are a lot.

The President of the Republic of South Africa, Ramaphosa issued a statement before Christmas reinstating the nation back to Level 3. Some of the regulations included no gatherings, no contents, no alcohol and to mention a few. If you accused of not wearing a mask in public places will be asked to pay an amount of R1000 for a fine.

South Africa has reported more than nineteen thousand cases after the discovery of the new mutated virus. Therefore they had to reinstate level 3 to practice caution. In Zimbabwe, level 3 wasn’t reinstated but, public gatherings and concerts were temporarily banned.

Zimbabwe has reported a number of cases as of December alone including 12 Warriors players, acting President MDC – T, Thokozani Khupe and Impala Car Hire Rentals CEO, Arts Promoter and father to ZimHipHop star King 98, Thompson Dondo has passed on due to a suspected Covid 19 case confirmed by one of his managers, DJ Sims, Lobels MD Heritage Mhende passed on at Arundel Hospital, the owner or Mia Restaurant passed away at Parirenyatwa.

Most facilities are full and there is only one left. St Anne’s and Avenues facilities full. Facility in Mt Pleasant is the only one available and the costs is US$2500 deposit. On the 2nd of January, Acie Lumumba took it to Twitter to seek for any facility available and willing to pay no matter how much money needed. 

To elucidate, after the new year celebration, a couple of pictures escalated on social media about the Passa Passa show that was held in Mbare. One of the photos that took caused the heat was taken by Journalists Award Winner, Tsvangirayi Mungwazhi. The Passa Passa was hosted by Boss Dammer, the one who has been endorsed lately by Winky D in recent single, Ragga Musambo.

Mbare Passa Passa

The Venue was packed and this raised a lot of red flags. One of the Covid 19 regulations restricted public gatherings and only permitting a limited number of 100 people. This was more than the permitted number. In the morning of the 1st of January 2021, the social media was on fire with people rallying against the violation of Covid 19 regulations and called for action.

The response from the masses and other influential were not friendly at all since it led to people rioting against the concert. Some influential people took it to Twitter and Facebook to make their statements towards the concerts. Until the government gave a statement on Twitter.

A lot blamed the government for failing to take action in stopping it from happening. Some even blamed the MP, however, other concerned citizens lost in faith in the MP arguing that, since the MP doesn’t live in the neighborhood it is clear to say the MP wasn’t aware of this concert at all.

The issue had a lot of heat on all social platforms until the government responded. The masses blamed the police for not taking action in a bid to stop the concert but, a statement from Assistant Commissioner, Paul Nyathi indicated that, the concert was stopped and 52 individuals were arrested..

We are conducting investigations and so far indications are that 52 people were arrested when police moved in to stop this bash, and we are told Fantan has a studio in Mbare where he puts speakers outside and plays music. He is now on the run. Police are currently looking for him,” Assistant Commissioner Nyathi.

Renowned MC and Producer Fantan Dweet is reported to be on the run from the police for he has been called in for investigation. A video appeared on his Facebook account where he was counting down to new year with  a vague statement.

Despite the statement, the masses still not giving the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) a benefit of doubt since they believe they could have stopped this from happening before it happened since the posters were all over in the streets and on the social media.

However, Assistance Commissioner indicated that they also going to investigate the role that was played the Police who were on duty.

We want to assure the public that definitely, action will be taken. We are also conducting investigations to find out what really the police officers on the ground did? what role they played?

A business man in Manicaland, Watsomba is been charged for contravening Covid 19 regulations by hiring Alick Macheso to perform on his Birthday which is believed to have been attended by 20 people. The police bear a benefit of doubt if they were 20 for real. So they are going to investigate the issue to get more information. Moreso, another show in Mutare was stopped before it happened which was expected to have Alick Macheso as the main act.

Paul Nyathi exhorts everyone from the Business sector, Arts industry and the public at large to exercise caution towards Covid 19 as he noted that,

Musicians should comply with covid-19 regulations. Business-people should comply with covid-19 regulations. This includes members of the public. Please, please, let us not wait for the police to force us to wear a mask, to practise social distancing, to sanitise.”

Zimbabwe is currently under a lockdown that enforces a curfew order running from 2200 until 0600hrs the next day. Parties and gatherings held during this time are contravening covid-19 regulations.

The Vice President and Minister of Health and Child Care General (Rtd) Dr. C. G. D. N. Chiwenga took time to address the nation as he reinstates a 30 day Lockdown with immediate effect and the Covid 19 Regulations includes:

Gatherings banned for 30 days except funerals who will be allowed 30 people.

Strictly enforcement of masks and hand sanitizers.

Business Hours Adjusted for all essential supermarkets, hospitals and pharmaceutical to 0800hrs – 1500hrs

Curfew adjusted to 1800hrs – 0600hrs

All formal businesses suspended for 3 days except mining, farming.

No intercity travel for non essential workers.

The masses are expected to be indoors at all times.

Only exam classes to open.

Cross border traders stopped immediately.

Air transport unhindered

Restaurants and bars closed.

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